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Thu Jul 8 02:17:49 UTC 2010
Git repository URL https://sourceforge.net/scm/?type=git&group_id=30984. You will want xprobe-ng if you want to try new stuff. Sigs are to be updated ASAP. Please keep in mind that this is not official repository yet.
Wed Jul 1 17:18:51 CST 2009
Please download paper and slides for DSN'09 release. The RC of the discussed code to be available after 7/07.
Sat Jun 20 11:30:40 CST 2009
The release of Xprobe-NG, aka Xprobe2++ is scheduled on 7 of July After we present our tool at DSN 2009 . Meanwhile, if you want to test current bleeding edge code, please use instructions bellow to sync with GIT repository. Please also keep in mind that there might be some delay with developers "pushing" their repositories to the sourceforge site.
Update Mon Jun 8 15:57:00 CST 2009
Please note that Xprobe has moved to GIT. You can get the lattest bleeding edge snapshot of the Xprobe development tree with:
        git clone git://xprobe.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/xprobe/xprobe 
or for NG tree
        git clone git://xprobe.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/xprobe/xprobe-ng
If you want to submit patches, please follow following guidelines: First, make sure your tree is up to date.
 git fetch; git rebase origin
Second, check in your patches to your Git tree using git commit. Third, use the following command to generate patches:
git format-patch --keep-subject origin
This will generate a number of txt files, which you will need to send to developers. you can contact us at fygrave at nospam o0o dot nu. (remove nospam word of course).
Other changes
All Xprobe documentation will slowly be recreated in Wiki page. New version is coming up, so keep your eye on our releases. (or stay bleeding edge by fetching our git code tree). Project news will be published through sourceforge news forums.
Xprobe2 v. 0.3 Released

Xprobe2 0.3 introduces two new application level modules: SMB and SNMP.
SMB module retrieve Native OS and Native LANMAN parameters from SMB Session Setup and X reply.
SNMP sends a version 2c get request for the sysDescr.0 OID using community strings specified in xprobe2.con
Xprobe2 v. 0.2.1 Released


The new 0.2.1 version of Xprobe2, remote, active OS fingerprinting tool is out.
Version 0.2.1 fixes a number of bugs and introduces more features:

- Port scanning is now available through the usage of the -T (TCP) and -U (UDP) command line option
- Added the -B command line option ('blind port guess') used for searching an open TCP port among the following ports: 80,21, 25, 22, 139
- Fixed timeouts and made pcap_next() nonblocking, as it was causing problems on linux
- Fixed problem that occurs when localhost does not resolve (set_dst() in IP::IP(const char*))
- Include XSD schema with distribution and make our XML comply with that XSD
- patricklang@mail.utexas.edu's fixes that would port Xprobe2 to MacOSX (destructors, endiannes, config.* stuff)
- moved SHA1 into xplib/ will be needed by burst module
- loopback (lo) is now supported
- dump select() in sniffpack() as it is not portable
- Fixed terminating " error that we were getting w/ gcc 3.x
- Fixed error handling in xp_get_src_addr()

Significant additions of signatures into the signature database:

- FreeBSD 5.3; 5.2.1; 5.2; 4.10; 4.9
- Linux Kernel 2.6.9; 2.6.8; 2.6.7; 2.6.6; 2.6.5; 2.6.4; 2.6.3; 2.6.2; 2.6.1; 2.6.0
- Linux Kernel 2.4.28; 2.4.27; 2.4.26; 2.4.25; 2.4.24; 2.4.23; 2.4.22
- Microsoft Windows XP SP2
- NetBSD 2.0; 1.6.2
- OpenBSD 3.6; 3.5; 3.4
- Sun Solaris 10
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